The landscape of organizational strategies across all industries has undergone a profound transformation. In light of this, a leading global market research firm embarked on a quest to understand how organizations are adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19, especially in the context of remote work.


Online Method


The study engaged key decision-makers in various domains, including:

Chief Information Officers (CIO), Vice Presidents, and Directors of Information Technology (IT).
Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Vice Presidents, and Directors of Marketing.
Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO), Vice Presidents, and Directors of Human Resources (HR).


A total of 700 interviews were conducted, offering a robust dataset for analysis.


Our research extended its reach across the continents of North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


The study delved into the challenges organizations faced, how they addressed these challenges, the effectiveness of the solutions applied, and the areas of paramount concern. We also explored the success stories, how they might influence future preferences, and the accelerated adoption of technological solutions.