In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, where market dynamics shift rapidly, staying informed about selling and marketing trends is critical. A leading e-commerce enterprise, catering primarily to B2B customers, embarked on a mission to delve into these trends. Their primary objective was twofold: first, to grasp the changing contours of e-commerce trends, and second, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and significance of payment fraud management vendors in the e-commerce sphere. Additionally, the study aimed to uncover the pivotal criteria that influence the selection of an e-commerce payment fraud management vendor.


CATI & Online Method


The research engaged with a select group of high-level executives, focusing on individuals at the Director level and above. Their insights and perspectives were instrumental in capturing a holistic view of e-commerce trends and vendor selection criteria.


A substantial sample of 750 interviews was conducted, ensuring that the study represented a diverse and representative cross-section of professionals engaged in the e-commerce sector.


The research had a global reach, spanning across multiple geographic regions, including North America, Canada (CA), Europe, Brazil (BR), and Argentina (AR). This approach provided valuable insights into regional variations in e-commerce trends and vendor preferences.


The research findings unveiled crucial insights into the capabilities and significance of various e-commerce payment fraud management vendors. It delved into the essential factors that shape the selection criteria for these vendors and how these criteria differ across geographic regions. Furthermore, the study examined the purchasing experience, current satisfaction levels, and the anticipated changes in the e-commerce landscape.
The outcomes of this research provide valuable insights for e-commerce businesses, shedding light on the rapidly changing industry dynamics. The study's findings empower businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their payment fraud management strategies, and adapt to the dynamic e-commerce environment.