In light of the recent shifts in the travel industry, encompassing changes in destinations, travel methods, and motivations, we embarked on a survey for our clients. This research was driven by the desire to pinpoint the fastest-growing markets in the hospitality sector, understand the influential factors shaping the future of this market, and provide a comparative analysis of the hospitality market with other segments, considering aspects such as market size, growth, and forecasts.


Online Method


Our target audience consisted of senior decision-makers and individuals in roles above that level, whose strategic insights play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the hospitality industry.


A substantial sample of 700 interviews was conducted to ensure that the dataset was rich and diverse, capturing a wide array of perspectives.


The geographic scope of our research encompassed several regions, including North America, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. This extensive geographical coverage facilitated a comprehensive understanding of hospitality market trends and traveler preferences on a global scale.


The findings of our research empowered our client to offer invaluable insights to the hospitality market. It provided a profound understanding of how the industry can adapt to current traveler preferences and align with their near-term plans. Additionally, the research enabled a comparative analysis of the hospitality market with other market segments, offering insights into size, growth, and forecasts.
These insights serve as a strategic compass for stakeholders in the hospitality sector, guiding them on how to remain agile and leverage emerging opportunities in a dynamic travel industry characterized by evolving preferences and motivations.