CATI is a traditional research method of conducting telephone surveys in which the interviewer uses a computer to record and store the respondent's answers to the survey questions.

This allows for more efficient data collection and analysis, as the responses can be easily stored and analyzed using specialized software.

If you look at the working procedure of CATI, you will find it very efficient. As we never leave our clients in dilemma. Taking feedback is one of the most important aspects for us.

Either we have a visitor or a buyer, we ask for their requirements and we haven't completed our job yet. We always take feedback so that we can enlarge the faith of our users more and more.

CATI is a way through which we can easily understand the requirements as customers have more chances to explains its requirement verbally

Let us understand CATI in the simplest way.

If you buy any product, you receive a telephone call. On this call, the interviewer will talk about your buying experience or service experience. This phone call is called Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI).

At Continuum, we’re B2B experts with 2/3rds

How Does Our Team Work?

The team of CATI professionals ensures the success of each project undertaken. The team works with clients at every step from creating questionnaires to scripting and data analysis. The goal is to deliver results quickly without compromising on quality or accuracy.
Additionally, working closely with clients is necessary so that their expectations are met throughout the entire process. This ensures that you get the most value out of services and a successful outcome for your market research projects. CATI team comprises:

  • A professional interviewing team with over 50 stations
  • Expert Interviewers in subjects like IT, Business, Management, etc.
  • A team of professionals to monitor and analyze all the interviewers for high-end results

A team of highly skilled data analysts who understand the market dynamics and deliver accurate results. The CATI professionals are experienced in research methods, survey design, scripting, data analysis, report writing, and statistical analysis.

The team works closely with clients to ensure their needs are met throughout the entire process. CATI can deliver you the most accurate and valuable results possible. By working closely with the clients and understanding their needs, CATI is able to provide the best market research solutions tailored to fit each individual business need.

How Does Our Team Work?

The team of CATI professionals ensures the success of

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How Does Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI) Work?

CATI strategy allows interviewers to quickly and accurately record data while talking to respondents over the phone. This type of survey collects quantitative data, which can be analyzed and used to better understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. CATI surveys are typically structured to ensure that questions are asked in the same order for each respondent and that responses can be accurately recorded.
Computer-assisted telephone interviewing or CATI is a method of conducting surveys over the phone using a computer program to guide the conversation and record the responses.
The interviewer uses the computer program to ask the questions and enter the respondent's answers, which are then stored in a database for analysis.
CATI allows for more efficient and accurate data collection than traditional telephone surveys, as it eliminates the need for the interviewer to manually record the answers and reduces the potential for errors.

The CATI Strategy includes:

  • Collecting authenticated data from reliable sources
  • Opting for cost-effective and time-saving methods
  • Monitoring interviews for achieving the best results.
  • Conducting live interviews for best-quality results
  • Review the progress at every step

How Does CATI Work?

CATI strategy allows interviewers to quickly and accurately record

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Enjoy Steadfast B2B Interviewers With C-Level Interviewing Specialists

Continuum Insights has a team of professional interviewers that conduct B2B research projects. Having the best quality of results determines the smooth functioning of a business. This is the reason we house a team of qualified CATI professionals to conduct B2B interviews.

Our CATI has:

  • 2 years of experience in conducting B2B interviews
  • Master’s degree in the respective fields

Continuum Insights has a valuable record of some of the opinion leaders and business professionals for all the purposes related to CATI B2B research. We have deep knowledge of this subject matter and this is how we collect and record data through our past experiences and researches.


Experienced and Professional CATI team gives the most accurate and reliable data.

A team of experienced CATI experts delivers the most accurate data. The interviewers have a professional tone to manage all kinds of interviews by engaging the audience and the guests which makes the telephone surveys a much more interesting task.

Overall, CAPI is better suited for research projects that require in-depth probing and open ended questions, while CATI is more suitable for quantitative data collection. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your research project.


Experienced and Professional CATI team gives the most accurate and reliable data.

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